Masterpiece Delicatessen

27 Jan

Have you been to Subway lately? It’s absolutely brutal. What Henry Ford did for the automobile, Subway has done for the sandwich. But here’s the key difference, I never wanted to eat a car.  All I want is a good turkey sandwich to quell my raging hunger until dinner. This isn’t the Tony Awards. Neil Patrick Harris is not about to walk through the doors. That being said, I would appreciate a little effort. Just a little.

I was once told by a French friend that Americans are extremely practical but that we lack a certain style. Nothing could be more true of the dining experience at Subway these days. The slices of turkey used in my sandwich were peeled from the larger turkey wad with all the grace of your buddy at the Thursday night Hold ‘Em game in your basement. I’m done forking over six bucks for a footlong sub that is 90% Italian bread and the rest of the sandwich is so bland that is doesn’t deserve to be described here. So where can we go to find some quality sandwich dealers in Denver? Am I to believe that Denver lacks someone who will stand up and fight the war on sandwich style? Take heart Denver, Masterpiece Deli will fight. Masterpiece Delicatessen is bringing style back to the sandwich.

The menu at Masterpiece runs the gamut of sandwichery and hits all the key staples. The smoked turkey is the most convincing evidence I have seen which suggests that people who eat turkey aren’t all boring. It’s a sexy sandwich. This thing comes fully loaded. On top of the slices of turkey sits cranberry, pears and, you guessed it, brie cheese. And it’s all just warm and tender enough to go down smoothly. If turkey isn’t your speed, then I’d recommend the braised beef brisket. It’s been slow cooked for twelve hours and then served just for you on a sandwich. How nice is that? A final recommendation would have to be the Cubano sandwich, Masterpiece’s take on the classic Cuban sandwich. The Cuban Revolution might not have been a smashing success, but this sandwich certainly is. I’d expect it to easily outlive Fidel Castro (although that’s been said before). And get the pasta salad as your side. If they gave away pasta salad awards (and they should), I would nominate these little noodles for the biggest award they got.

Go when the weather is nice. They have an incredible view of downtown. And it’s one of the few views in the Highlands that won’t eventually be ruined by ambitious real estate developers unless someone builds some cool, minimalist studios in the middle of I-25. Masterpiece is now serving up dinner until 8pm and is running a Happy Hour. I haven’t checked it out yet, but from their Facebook page, it looks like they are getting pretty creative with their dinner cuisine. I would expect nothing less from Masterpiece. For a deli-style lunch, you can’t do much better than Masterpiece Delicatessen. I take my sandwiches seriously, and I appreciate when people reciprocate my sandwich tenacity.

Masterpiece Delicatessen Grades

Masterpiece Delicatessen on Urbanspoon

Masterpiece Delicatessen
1575 Central St
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 561-3354

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